The musical Residences on the Bahamas



120 Art déco Villas planned
On the Bahamas
Homeoffices and
Holiday Homes

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  • 120 Art déco Villas planned on a sandy beach front lot in the Bahamas (first villas 300 ft away from the ocean):
    • Each villa 5,000 sqft living space with 2 floors (including a 1,000 sqft terrace (counts 1/2)) on 0.37 acres.
    • First floor: Designer furnitures; living room (650 sqft) with blue leather sofa set; a bar with 2 floral velvet bar stools and a walnut bar table; walnut bookshelves; 2 x Dynaudio Contour 50i, 1 x Dynaudio Contour 25Ci, 2 x Dynaudio Sub 3, 4 x InWall P4-W80 speakers with fire-rated back-box and 4 x InCeiling P4-C80 speakers with fire-rated back-box, Dolby Atmos 11.2 (7.2.4) home theatre (Onkyo TX-RZ3400 Black AV Receiver, 2.5m screen and Optoma UHD42 4K-Beamer), Walnut TV-Stand, Top 250 Movies (IMDb) on Blu-Ray; and Roon (Multi-Room Hi-Res Hi-Fi with Tidal or Qobuz) on a fanless MiniPC server with 8-cores, 64 GB RAM and Samsung SSD (1 x 2 TB M.2 NVMe), a Pioneer UDP-LX500-B Blu-Ray/DVD/SACD/CD-Player and a Technics turntable. A Yamaha SX600 keyboard with Yamaha KS-SW100 Subwoofer, a Marshall guitar tube amp (AMP + CAB) and an Ibanez Steve Vai signature electro-guitar.
    • First floor: A kitchen (325 sqft) with a walnut dining table, 12 floral velvet dining chairs, a control room/barrier-free bedroom (400 sqft) and a homeoffice room (recording room) (625 sqft) with a Synology NAS (2 x 16 TB) for backups and video and a business class IP telefon.
    • Second floor: 5 bedrooms (each 400 sqft) with a walnut bed, a walnut desk and a PC (fanless 8-core Mini PC with Windows 10), 32" 4K LG Screen, a pair of Dynaudio LYD-7 loudspeakers and Roon; a bath for every bedroom.
    • In every bedroom a DECT IP telefon. And in every room WLAN.
    • A double garage; solar roof.
  • 4 Public Buildings, each 8,000 sqft (1 floor):
    1. Restaurant
    2. Supermarket/Bank/Cash Machine
    3. Library + an Astronomical Observatory (8,000 sqft roof terrace),
    4. Rock-Café
  • Kindergarten and School; A Doctor of Medicine; Nursery; Public Swimming Pool; 2 Tennis Courts; Private Marina.
  • Paying with UN-Dollars (UND) or Bahamas-Dollars (BSD) for example the brunch and the dinner in the restaurant; and in the supermarket; or for chartering a seaplane; chartering a W65 sailcat solar for 5,000 US$ per day or for recording, mixing and mastering audio.
  • Planned and to be built by Donald Dean, The Architects Incorporated (Bahamas)



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