The musical Residences on Grand Bahama Island



80 art déco 3-family houses planned
on Grand Bahama Island

Homeoffices and Holiday Homes




  • Mozart.Club is a gated oceanfront community with 80 art déco houses planned on a sandy beach front lot on Grand Bahama Island, 100 miles away from Florida.

  • 2 Audio-Studios: First floors of 2 houses: Recording, mixing and mastering audio for 75 BSD per hour. One studio (the first one) is the project studio of the Bavarian rock band Droitwich

    1. 2 Studios, each 250 sqm. Each with a DAD AX64 with Dante and with the new AX64 DA- and AD-cards, which will come:

      • NTP DAD AX64 (with a Dante-, 1 DA- and 3 AD-cards) for the recording room

    2. 2 Control Rooms (25 sqm each) per studio, each with a SSL UF1 controller:

      • 2 x SSL UF1 controller
      • one control room for Pro Tools and Logic and one for Ableton Live and Studio One
      • 2 x NTP DAD AX Center (with a Dante- and a DA-card)
      • Dolby Atmos loudspeakers from Neumann

    3. 24 Mic Pres for the recording room:

    4. Microphones:


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Mozart Sonatas by Willi Rauffer